Thursday, September 12

10:15 am - 10:55 am

Organizations are increasingly faced with transformational change and a change saturated workforce. Yet, the methodologies and tools most companies are relying on to introduce transformative change into their organizations were developed in the mid-1990s…25 years ago. These methodologies are mis-matched with the volume of disruption and information overload that surround today’s employees. Leadership development and HR leaders play a critical role in equipping business leaders with the capabilities and tools to enable organizations to move quickly, seize opportunities, and be resilient and ready for change.

This session will cover a practitioner’s view of key evolutions in the field of organizational change that learning and development departments will want to incorporate into their approach to building and modernizing change capability within their organization. The session will examine the importance of starting with reinforcement, the power of choice, and why storytelling is essential in transformation. We will also examine how Citrix is benefitting from an employee-driven workplace mindfulness program that is increasing capacity for change and resilience within its workforce.  Learning and development departments play a critical role in unlocking the potential of the human mind to welcome change rather than resist it. It’s time we rise to the call to inspire and prepare our workforce to move as fast as the world is changing.

 You will:

  • Learn the difference between change and transformation in order to build leaders who have the capability to lead both.
  • Discover how small modernizations of familiar change approaches and tools will offer exponential (and empowering) results.
  • Examine Citrix’s approach to building capacity through workplace mindfulness and experience the power of five minutes of focus.

Amy Haworth

Chief of Staff, Human Resources

About Amy Haworth

Amy Haworth is the Chief of Staff for Human Resources at Citrix where her responsibilities include leading strategic global people and organizational projects in order to create an outstanding employee experience. In a world where talent has become a company’s most critical asset and the investment to attract, retain and engage employees delivers an ROI of innovation, productivity and growth, Amy brings a perspective rooted in business and enhanced by a deep understanding of the psychology of human behavior.

Her experience encompasses roles in transformation, management, user experience and counseling psychology, across fields like consulting (Accenture), creative (, manufacturing (Coors Brewing Company and MillerCoors) and technology (Citrix).  Amy holds an M.B.A. and a B.A. in Communications from the University of Denver. She recently became a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator and is passionate about unlocking human potential by helping others discover and embody their unique strengths and contributions. She shares her thinking and insights about change, leadership, and life on LinkedIn, Medium and her personal blog